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I love a bag. I love to covet them, carry them, and I love to make them.  I mean, how could you not love handbags?

Bags are useful! – they hold our stuff so we don’t have to fill up all our pockets (I do love a pocket though).

Bags can complete your outfit and look fabulous!  Go minimalist, and be chic with neutrals, or level up your outfit with a bold colour.

 A contemporary clutch bag can hold your essential phone, lippy and bank card, and be the perfect companion to take to a wedding, out for a meal, or for drinks at that very tempting cocktail bar.

A casual bag can go for out for lunch with you, or pop your water bottle and book inside, and head out to sit in your favourite spot (hopefully in some sunshine!).

A shoulder bag can go from day to night, from coffee dates, to an evening at your favourite restaurant.

I make all my bags from recycled cotton cord, so they are sustainable as well as gorgeous.  I hand knot them, and hand sew the inside bits (technical term). I use my fingers rather than a crochet hook or knitting needles, as I love the knot shapes I can make this way.  I can’t quite decide on my favourite colour though, some days I like the simplicity of off-white and beige, but then when I break out some mustard yellow or blossom pink, I’m in love with brighter colours again!


Then there are my necklaces!  I love how they are such an easy way to accessorise, and they can dress up a classic breton t-shirt, or a simple jumper so easily.

The necklaces are also hand knotted, and are made from the same sustainable recycled cotton cord as the bags.

They might be chunky, but they are lightweight, and they open and close with a magnetic fasten, so no faffing around with fiddly clasps!


Thanks so much for visiting my website.  I really hope you love what you see.  If there is a bag or necklace you like, but cant see it in the colour you want, or you’d like a different size of handle, or any other requests, please message me, I’d love to help if I can!


Gill x

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